William I


Almost Kidnapped

When William was around 20 years old, several of the other lords of Normandy started to rebel against William. The rebelion was planned out at Bayeux. A loyal fool of William's, Gollet, heard a few of the rebels talking and saying that they were planning on kidnapping and killing the Duke. Gollet then ran many miles to Valognes where William was visiting for a few days. Unfortunately, Gollet had no idea where the Duke was staying. So he went from house to house shouting for the Duke. After finding out about the rebels, William got a horse and started to flee. At one point he got to a church and stopped to pray. As William was about to leave, he heard the rebels ridding towards Valognes and he hid in a bush. Then when the rebels left, he ran the other way and successfully avoided being kidnapped.

The Confrontation

To help settle the rebellion, William called upon his lord, King Henry, to help defend him and his land. Henry agreed for one of two reasons. He either agreed because he favored the under dog, or because it was hid duty through feudalism. Either way, Henry helped William fight the rebels. The King and Duke met the Rebels at Val-ès-Dunes in 1047 (the exact day is unknown). This day is the day William fought his first battle. At the end of the battle, the King and Duke emerged victorious. After winning, William banished the leaders of the different groups of people that comprised the Rebels. Within three years, he pardoned the head of the Rebels and allowed him back into Normandy.